May 4, 2012

Excel More Shortcut

Operation Shortcut
Multiselect Cells      Alt+Left Click
Del Row/Col             Ctrl+K
Select Range            Ctrl+*
Go to Corner            Ctrl+.
Edit Selected            Ctrl+Enter
Fill Down                    Ctrl+D
Fill Right                     Ctrl+R
Copy Prev Formula   Ctrl+’
Copy Above Val         Ctrl+”
Sum                            Alt+=
Go to First Cell          Ctrl+Home       Go to Last Cell
Ctrl+End        Start of Row    Home
Next Sheet                Ctrl+Page Down
Next Workbook       Ctrl+F6
Prev Workbook        Ctrl+Shift+F6
Prev Sheet                 Ctrl+Page Up
Go to                            F5
Set Currency            Shift+Ctrl+$
Set Percent               Shift+Ctrl+%
Set Number             Ctrl+Shift+~
Set Date                     Ctrl+Shift+#
Insert Line Br          Alt+Enter
Repeat Action          F4
Format Cell                Ctrl+1
Insert Date                Ctrl+; Insert Time   Ctrl+:
Remove Border       Ctrl+Shift+_  Border Cells    Ctrl+Shift+&

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